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Crepe World sells Krampouz Commercial Crepe cookers, makers and all the products you need to Mix, Cook & Clean.

  • Krampouz Inventors of the traditional crepe maker, Krampouz offers a wide range of electric and gas crepe makers. Our professional crepe makers are developed and designed to answer your needs: power, robustness, reliability and easy maintenance. Our 60 years of savoir-faire assure unrivaled cooking performances.
  • All Krampouz Batter Spreader Kits, Spatulas, Rakes, Ladles & Cook Books on Crepes & Galettes. Oil Applicators, Cleaning Bricks & Grill Covers.
  • Supplying Australia Wide.
  • Krampouz professional waffle makers make Brussel, Liege waffles and churros. Perfect heat distribution, cooking power, reliability and robustness are Krampouz technical qualities. It has built Krampouz notorious brand name.
    Krampouz waffle makers are equipped with the “easy clean” system which enable the instant disassembly of waffle irons for a simple and fast cleaning.
  • Discover Krampouz professional griddle plates! The electric and gas griddle plates enable fast searing of meats, fishes, patties, vegetables, fruits…Cook from starters to desserts! Simple to use and easy to clean, our professional griddle plates answer great cookers needs: fast warm up, homogeneous heat distribution and precision cooking.
  • Krampouz has developed a range of professional Multi Contact Grills offering two innovations called “easy clean” system. The interchangeable grill and snack plates are ultra-resistant and enable you to easily cook your paninis, fishes, meats, vegetables and other grills. Enjoy an easy cleaning compatible with dishwasher thanks to the fast disassembly of you Multi Contact Grill.
  • Krampouz sales other electic equipments for professionals: topping warmers, bains-marie, ice cream wafer machines and dutch “poffertjes”.
  • Discover the Krampouz carts dedicated to indoor and outdoor selling: waffle cart, cotton candy carts, crepe carts or panini carts. Perfect for snacking and fast cooking/food, the cart exists from the single unit to all-inclusive versions with all the equipment. All the Krampouz carts can be customized.

We ship all our products To Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide,  Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart  Australia wide.