Abrasive Stone

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Abrasive Stone For Cleaning Griddles.

To clean Griddles regularly without damaging the surface.

Makes it easier to remove residue left from cooking.


Cleaning the machined cast-iron plate

After a while, a crust forms on the plate which may give the impression that the metal is flaking off. In fact it is just the crust of the crepe batter. Remove it with a metal spatula and rough sand paper. Do not worry about scratching the metal. Do not use a portable electrical device.
Once you have cleaned the plate, you will need to season it again as if it were new. (See “seasoning”) It is best to scrape off some of the crust from time to time to avoid the crust from becoming too thick. Use the special abrasive stone in a circular movement.
Once you have scraped the crust it is best to season the plate with one or two coats of oil and heat to 270°C (see “seasoning”) After many years of use the crust may not be easily removed and the plate may require professional sandblasting (pressurized cleaning). Once the plate has been sandblasted, you will need to season it again as if it were new.

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