Krampouz Commercial Single Gas

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AGA CERTIFIED 8016G for ULPG for outside use and AGA CERTIFIED 8224G For Natural and ULPG for indoor use Australia wide.

Good for use in enclosed vans or inside shops and Trailers.

Craft the perfect crepe with the Crepe World Krampouz 40cm round gas cast iron crepe maker! This crepe maker features a large diameter 8-spike burner and cast iron cooking surface to provide constant and even heat distribution to your food. The thermostatic controls make it easy to adjust temperature, and the burner insulation system ensures greater energy efficiency. A piezo push-button ignition makes activation simple, and a safety device by the thermocouple automatically cuts off the gas supply in case the flame goes out accidentally. For reliable stability, the whole unit is mounted on three legs.
Hose and regulator supplied with cable restraint for hose.
Cast iron plate with stainless steel base.
Total weight is 20 kg

12 Month Rental Available Through Silver Chef Please Email for Details (approvals apply)

Large diameter 8 branch burner for uniform heat distribution

Burner heat insulation

Thermostatic control for precision cooking

Technical features:

  • Stainless steel frame
  • Cast steel griddle, machined, approved for contact with food
  • Piezoelectric ignition
  • Safety system in case of interruption of the flame
  • Supply by Universal LPG Or Natural Gas
  • Plate Size  40cm


  • ULPG Gas 23MJ
  • NAT Gas 20MJ

Size 400 x 190

Control Thermostat with Flame Fail

Burner 8 Branch Star Burner

Cleaning the machined cast-iron plate

After a while, a crust forms on the plate which may give the impression that the metal is flaking off. In fact it is just the crust of the crepe batter. Remove it with a metal spatula and rough sand paper. Do not worry about scratching the metal. Do not use a portable gas device.
Once you have cleaned the plate, you will need to season it again as if it were new. (See “seasoning”) It is best to scrape off some of the crust from time to time to avoid the crust from becoming too thick. Use the special abrasive stone in a circular movement.
Once you have scraped the crust it is best to season the plate with one or two coats of oil and heat to 270°C (see “seasoning”) After many years of use the crust may not be easily removed and the plate may require professional sandblasting (pressurized cleaning). Once the plate has been sandblasted, you will need to season it again as if it were new.

Seasoning (for machined cast iron plates only) 

1) For griddles with a safety tap (knob marked 0 to 8), place the knob on “8” for 5 minutes and then on “2” and leave it at “2” for the whole duration of the seasoning process. For griddles with a safety thermostat (knob marked 0 to 10), place the knob on “8” and leave it like this for the whole duration of the seasoning operation.

2) When the griddle is well-heated, pour the equivalent of a tablespoon of cooking oil for frying into the center of the griddle. Always use cooking oil that contains no other ingredients. Using a cloth of rolled cotton (NOT synthetic material), spread this oil evenly, then let it cook for 5 to 10 minutes so that the griddle becomes burnished (brown tinge) and completely dry.

3) Repeat step 2 EIGHT times, decreasing the amount of oil used each time, but ensuring that each application of oil cooks for between 5 and 10 minutes. A properly seasoned griddle has a chestnut color (dark brown) and looks varnished.